Friday, May 11, 2012

Fiction Friday: Book Review of SLIDE by Jill Hathaway

Sixteen-year-old Vee is narcoleptic. At least, that’s what her friends and family believe. What they don’t know is that when Vee loses consciousness, she leaves her own body and slides into other people, seeing the world through their perspectives. She doesn’t know why she has these bizarre episodes, nor is there anyone whom she can trust to talk about them—not even her best friend, Rollins, or her attractive new love interest, Zane. As if her life isn’t already complicated enough, Vee slides into a stranger, right after he or she has committed a murder. Everyone believes it was a suicide; only Vee knows the truth. But can she learn to use her “gift” to figure out who the killer is before more people die?

Slide is the debut novel by Jill Hathaway, and I enjoyed it. Hathaway took an intriguing paranormal idea and seamlessly wove it into the life of a somewhat troubled high school student. The book was written in the recently popular first person, present tense, so the reader sees what Vee is seeing as she is seeing it, which works well for this story. Hathaway’s writing style is fun and easy to read—I found myself eager to turn the pages even on my second read, when I already knew what was going to happen. She has a wonderful writing voice that makes one want to keep reading.

Slide is a little different from what I usually read. There is more foul language and crude behavior (from minor characters) than what I am used to. But I do remember going to public high school, and Hathaway’s portrayal of high school life is spot-on (she is also a high school teacher, so she would know). Vee is also a very different character than most of the characters to which I am personally drawn, but I liked being inside her head—which was even more interesting when she slid into other people. Hathaway did a wonderful job developing her character throughout the story.

I was a little dissatisfied in the way some of the plot progressed, mainly because I think that there was too much going on in the story. This is a minor issue I have with an otherwise well-written book. I’m hoping Slide will eventually have a sequel. At the very least, I hope to read more from Jill Hathaway in the future.

I recommend Slide to older teenagers and adults who can enjoy a fun paranormal YA mystery.

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