Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Use Your Words!: The Sequel

This has been a busy week so far, and it will continue to be a busy week, so this is going to be an extremely short post.  I just thought I'd show you the end result of the notebook craft project I did with the girls I watch, which I talked about in a previous post entitled "Use Your Words!"  I clipped out tons of words from magazines and newspapers.  Then I glued these words to a hard covered composition notebook and used strips of packing tape to "laminate" them. 

The girls made their own notebooks, too, but I'm not sure they'd like me posting pics of theirs on my blog.  So I'll just post pics of mine.  Sorry about the flash.  I'm a doctor writer/bad hippy/childcare provider, not a photographer.

On the front of the notebook, I used words on the top half that were writing-related.  On the bottom half, I used mostly adjectives that I would use to describe myself (including "short" and "pale").

On the back, I just used words that inspired me, made me feel hopeful, or reminded
 me of why I should keep reaching for my dreams. 

I've still got a LOT of clipped out words left over, and I have three leftover composition notebooks (I got them for dirt cheap during the NC tax free weekend).  I'll probably make more of these, when  have the time.  Who knows when THAT'S going to be.  But then, this is a fun thing to do while watching movies (if I do something with my hands while watching movies, it keeps me from wanting to eat).  Maybe it will tide me over until knitting season begins.

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  1. I knew I should have scooped up those composition notebooks! What a neat idea!