Friday, February 17, 2012

Fiction Friday Phoenix!

That’s right, I’m bringing sexy Fiction Friday back. In fact, it’s already been brought. For the past few weeks, I’ve subtly been setting aside each Friday to blog about literary type things. I’m sneaky like that. Since I don’t have any literary type thing in particular to blog about this Friday, I thought I’d go ahead and announce the rebirth of Fiction Friday.

In the past, before it died in a weak, sickly pile of ashes, the Fiction Friday blog was dedicated to unofficial book reviews, rants about my favorite fictional characters, descriptions of old favorite literary works, and so on and so forth. In its glorious rebirth, Fiction Friday will now encompass pretty much anything to do with writing, editing, and literature. And sometimes Dragons.

When I first started writing Poor Reflections, it was primarily a blog about my writing. As I have grown as a blogger, the blog has also grown to encompass different aspects of my thoughts and life. I no longer feel it appropriate to dedicate all my blogs to writing and literature, but since so much of my life is about writing and literature, I need to set aside one day a week for it. Thus, Fiction Friday has returned in a blaze of awesome. Yes, I just used “awesome” as a noun. On a side note, I’m hoping to do a lot more book reviews in the future. If anyone has read something good (and relatively clean) lately, let me know. (I’m also open to receiving free ARCs of books in exchange for honest reviews—just throwing that out there!)

This blog has made many changes since I started it about a year and a half ago, and I want to take a moment to clarify the basic format (you know, just to kill some blogging time). Right now, my blogging format usually involves three weekly posts on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

Monday is kind of a “this is how I’m doing” blog, in which I discuss my weekly achievements and/or failures, and my hopes and goals for the near future. It also might include some deeper things about how I’m feeling about my life as a whole. I call it “Monday Blahg” because 1) It’s Monday. Blah. 2) It’s often just a boring list about all the stuff I’m doing or trying to do. Again. Blah. 3) “Manic Monday” was already taken. Now that song is in your head. You’re welcome.

Wednesday is a kind of free-style blogging day. I leave Wednesday open to blog about whatever is on my mind (I almost want to call it “Whatever Wednesday,” but while I am obsessively in love with alliteration, I sense that my readers can only handle so much of it before running on a rambunctious raucous rampage). Often, this will include something about what God is teaching me through Scripture, or my thoughts on a given subject, or my thoughts on nothing in particular. It might be a funny blog. It might be a sad blog. It might be a sunny blog. It might be a mad blog. It might be a blog entirely made up of bad Dr. Suessian type poetry. It might be a blog about how much I love alliteration (although that might be more appropriate for a Fiction Friday blog—you can expect it to come out next week). There aren’t really any rules, here, because my mind needs a space to vent about once a week. And I figure other people might be interested in hearing my mind vent. If not, then, well, it at least makes me happy.

Fridays are now, once again, Fiction Friday! Reborn from the ashes, Fiction Friday lives again! I feel as though John Williams should compose a new melody appropriate for this great occasion, but I don’t know how to reach him.

…And I’m only about a gazbillion percent sure that I couldn’t afford him.

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