Monday, May 16, 2011

SEW Monday?!?!

I'm updating on a Monday, which I usually don't do, but I just got back from my weekend trip to KY, and I kind of just want to type for a bit to get it out of my system.

I don't promise that the sentence above will be my only run-on sentence in this blog post.  Be kind.  I was on the road 10+ hours today with only a few Dragons to keep me company.  Okay, so I did go visit with a wonderful friend and her little girl, but it was mostly just me and the Dragons.  And some Mitch McVicker cds.

He writes/plays/sings the best driving music.

Turns out, I write some decent songs myself...though most of them aren't good driving music (they're better, uh...sleeping music).  Now, they're not Mitch McVicker quality, by any means.  My guitar playing lacks, er, shall we say...mad skills.  And my insane operatic vibrato doesn't really make for excellent easy listening music.  But I've been wanting to put out a cd for over a decade.  I was afraid to do it before, and really, I don't think I was ready.  I think I am now.  I've written some good songs.  The Lord has given me the desire to raise some money for a specific cause, and he's given me just enough talent to perhaps be able to do that.

And the mountain roads are the best places in the world to clear your head, make some decisions...

...and I think it's time.  I've got a business card from a guy who can maybe help me record my songs (hopefully for free).  I've got some friends who can help me with some photos and maybe even some graphic design (again, hopefully for free).  I'd like to get a cd out fairly soon and donate most of the proceeds (if not all of them...I might have some production expenses even if I get lots of freebies). This is an idea I've had for about six months, and I'm thinking that it's about high time that THUNDERCATS ARE GO!

I wrote a few poems this weekend, but otherwise I've had little time for writing.  I'm hoping to get back into the swing of things this week--or maybe next week.  My head still feels all buzzy and fuzzy from driving all day.  As for the querying--hopefully that will start up again soon, too.  I really think my main focus needs to be on this musical project, though.  And it still counts as writing since it's all original work.  So there.

I have a feeling I'm going to be off all week and think that tomorrow is Monday instead of Tuesday, so hopefully I will get back to my poor semblance of a blogging schedule by Wednesday.  

I miss the mountains. 

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