Monday, January 30, 2012

Monday Blahg: Mon. in Tights

Balance isn't my strong point.  I might have mentioned that before...

As it is still January, I don't feel too badly about the fact that I'm still getting used to the idea of eating this whale one bite at a time.  Some of my goals, I'm doing well on.  Others...not so much.

-I've completed week three of my diet, and I've lost a total of about 8 pounds.  I still have about 7-10 pounds more to go before I start focusing on maintenance.  My pants are fitting better!

-The running isn't going well, but at least it's going.  I'm not sure if it's not just still too cold outside for me, or what, but my lungs have hurt every time I've run recently.  Still figuring that one out...  At least my pansy ankle isn't hurting as much.  The new running shoes are helping a lot!

-The editing has gone really well this week.  The deal with my second novel is that the beginning sucks, but the middle and the end are actually pretty good (though they definitely need some work).  I'm in the process of trying to make the beginning of the novel as good as the ending.  This basically just involves brutally ripping it apart so I can lovingly piece it back together again.  I also want to make some of the Christian elements a little more natural, a little less forced.  I really think I've got something good here, something that's definitely worth the work.  I'm loving getting reacquainted with these characters I haven't met with in a while.  They're pretty amazing--and that has very little to do with my skills as a writer.  They were easy to write.  I just have to do them justice by figuring out their story to the best of my ability.

-I have talked with one guy about the website stuff, but I need to talk with some other people.  I really wanted this up and running by now, but I haven't been proactive about it.  I have confidence that it will happen.  I just need to get my act together and ask for the help I need.  ...and then just do it. 

-Same goes with the song recording stuff.  I need to stop being a pansy and ask for help.  ...and then just do it.

Other random stuff from this past week:

-I discovered I like tights.  I haven't worn tights since I was like four, but recently I've started wearing them again.  I'm not about to start wearing them as pants or anything, like some people do, but I like them better than just plain pantyhose.  Why?  For one thing, I'm not nearly as comfortable with the word "pantyhose" as I am with the word "tights."  And for another thing, tights make me think of this:

-On a much less awesome note, the other night I cleaned up a kid's vomit with my bare hands (and about a gazbillion lysol wipes).  Yeah.  Sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do.  Apparently, I have the super power of being able to control my gag reflex in emergency situations.  I'm pretty sure I have some other hidden super powers, and I plan to use them to hunt down whoever it was who used the last of the disposable gloves and didn't inform management that we were out.

-I found out that the whole Poblano (NOT Portabella) Alfredo sauce incident wasn't a total loss.  Since I had a jar of it, I decided to try it on spaghetti squash.  I thought it would be a disaster, but surprise!  Alfredo sauce on spaghetti squash tastes somewhat like mac and cheese.  ...if you use your imagination.  ...if you have a really good imagination.  And I do.

-I don't *think* I'm going to owe much on my taxes this year (in fact, I'm daring to hope for a refund).

-I'm having to stop myself from picking up The Hunger Games.  I plan on rereading it before the movie comes out in March...but it's too soon for that reread now.  Plus, I really don't have time to get obsessed with Peeta Mellark...again.

-"Cards Against Humanity" is almost as much fun as "Apples to Apples."

-I found out that I actually like writing book reviews and kind of want to keep doing that.  So if anyone knows of any authors or publishers willing to give away any ARCs (Advanced Reader Copies...and also my initials) of their books in exchange for reviews, direct them towards me!

Ways you can pray for me this week:

-That I will have a good, encouraging attitude at work (even if work involves cleaning up vomit).

-General tiredness.  I feel like I could use a week of personal days, but if I don't work, I don't get money.  If I don't get money, I don't eat.  ...wait...this could be a pretty good diet plan.  ...Nah.
-Wisdom in editing my book--I believe this project is really something special, not because of me, but because of what God is doing through me.  I really feel unworthy to be a writer/editor sometimes.  This book humbles me.  Pray I figure out how to make it all come together in ways that best honor my characters, and best glorifies the Lord.

-Courage regarding the things that scare me or make me uncomfortable--like asking for help and being persistent about asking for help.

Okay, that's enough for this Monday.  Have a good one with lots of strong coffee!!!

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