Wednesday, October 26, 2011

We Interrupt The Regularly Scheduled Life to Bring You an Announcement

I'm going out of town tomorrow.  This means that not only will I probably NOT be doing a Friday or Sunday blog this week, but it also means that my Wednesday blog (this very blog you are reading) is not going to be anything brilliant.

I've been packing and trying to finish a really lame video for my nephew's birthday and watching the Cardinals get their butts kicked (Pull it together, guys.  My nephew's birthday is today and you losing the World Series would be a horrible present!  On the other hand, if you win tonight and tomorrow, I might get home just in time to witness and celebrate your victory with my family), I haven't had time to think about blogging.  Which might explain why I've not updated my socially awkward blog in over two weeks.

So hopefully I will start to get my blogging act together (and all of my other acts together) when I get back from my trip Sunday night.  But...don't hold your breath.

EDIT: So the game for 10/26/11 was postponed b/c of rain, so no matter what, the Cards will NOT be losing the World Series on my nephew's birthday.  They'd still better step it up, cuz I'd like to celebrate their victory with my family!

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