Sunday, October 2, 2011

Sunday Update: Quick Version

I have to keep this quick because I have to go to work in a few minutes.  I typically do NOT work on Sundays, but there's a birthday par-tay at one of the places where I work, and no one else wanted to do it.  Neither did I, really, but somebody had to.  So, Miss Stefanie, if you're reading this, yes, you do owe me big time.  And I love you.  And you're awesome.  And I had better get out of there by 4:15, or I'm coming to get you in your sleep.

1. I got to talk to friends this week.  Actual friends.  That was nice.  In the world of multiple jobs and sometimes multiple personalities, it's nice to be able to find time to just grab a cup of coffee with a friend.  While I haven't done anything official towards my new project/experiment thing, I was able to get some good encouragement and some good ideas from those conversations.  I'm very grateful God gives us friends.

2. I signed up for a 10K (6.2 miles) which will take place on Nov. 5, which, in case you're keeping track of the passage of time, is just a little over a month from now.  Most days, I'm able to comfortably run 3 miles.  Sometimes I can do 4.  I haven't attempted more than that, and lately, my running has been increasingly difficult.  Last week I got sick on Saturday while trying to run.  I also got sick on Tuesday, partly because it was humid, something really humid.  Thursday, however, I ran a really good 3 miles and would have run more if it wasn't already too dark for personal comfort.  Then Friday, my left ankle (which I badly sprained like 7-8 years ago) started hurting like the dickens.  Like the dickens, I tell you.  I don't even know what that phrase really means, but my ankle hurt.  So I'm hoping it's just being mean because it doesn't like the colder weather we've been having, because I really need my ankle to start being nice again.  A nice ankle or two are kind of important to training for and running a 10K.

3) I broke a rule and checked out a library book.  I"m not supposed to be reading right now--not for fun anyway.  But see, I was at the library with the kids I watch, and the almost 13 yr old recommended this book, so I HAD to check it out.  I haven't read it yet, so there's a possibility I might just take it back without getting caught up, but...yeah, I'll probably read it.  And the two books that follow it in the series. 

4) I need to start editing one of my books.  I was supposed to start that this week.  I did not.  Feel free to poke me with sharp objects until I start doing what I'm supposed to be doing.

5) Please keep praying for me for wisdom, courage, and a good kick in the pants.  And also that my ankle starts liking me again.  And that I don't die on November 5.


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