Friday, November 18, 2011

Fill-in-the-Blank Friday: Apology

Last month, October of 2011, was apparently an awesome blogging month. I was hoping to clear 500 total views for the month (I know. I know. Some people get that many views in a single day, but I'm not quite that awesome...yet). That would be a record. Well, I went out of town at the end of the month and forgot to go look at my total views. I was overjoyed and, well, stunned beyond belief to discover that I had over 600 total views last month. Now, I'm assuming that at least 257 of those views were my mom, but, well, views are views.
This month? Phbbbblllllllllttttt. I think that's a word. I think they should add it to the dictionary. I mean, I've certainly used it a lot lately. People have been asking me, "How's your writing going?" and I've responded with "Phbbbbllllllllllttttt." That's how my writing is going. It's going phbbbblllllllllttttt. And while I've tried to put up a good face with my blogging, I know I've really been off this month. I haven't expected any brilliant numbers in my statistics, but it's kind of sad that the month is over halfway over and I've barely gotten a third of the views this month that I did last month.
There's lots of factors that could go into the drop in views, but do you care? No. So let's not get into that. Instead, let me apologize to my readers for being a little off this month. The truth is, I've been a little off in every area of my life since I went out of town at the end of October. This is yet another reason I'm really thankful to be spending a nice quiet Thanksgiving in my apartment. I'm not traveling. I'm not working. ...I am running waddling a 5K that morning, but that should actually be a lot of fun. And since I'm starting the day with exercise, I'll have an excuse to eat more turkey and pumpkin pie!
So while this is the busiest time of the year, and since I am doing a lot of work right now preparing a new website/blogging project, I'm really going to try to start putting effort into this blog. Thanks for your understanding.
I met with a couple of friends tonight to talk about my new project, and one of them (well, both of them, but one of the vocalized it really well) reminded me that I have a lot of people encouraging and supporting me. I believe that. So thank you for continuing to read this and continuing to pray. I'm a very blessed person, and I know some of you are loyal readers (thanks, mom) whether I have anything worth reading or not. I'll try to be worthy of that loyalty!

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